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Location: Room 8                    

The Hill Medical Centre

(rear of) 2A Northfield Road

London N16 5RN

United Kingdom

On Google: Nova Health Clinic

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The clinic offers consultations, investigations and treatment by qualified specialists in the fields of women’s health, fertility and more.

If the doctor prescribes any medications, these can usually be dispensed by the receptionist; please enquire for details.

PCOS, Ovulation issues e.g. early ovulation or Anovulation, Fertility treatment, 3D Saline Scans, HyCoSy scans, Varicocele scans and more.
Gynaecological consultations by UCLH staff; 
Male & Female ultrasound scans including scrotal/testicular, transrectal, kidney, bladder, groin, thyroid, liver, pancreas and gallbladder scans;
gynaecological examinations; follicular tracking;
tubal patency testing; and cycle monitoring in conjunction with Clomid, Letrozole or Injectable stimulation.

Our staff is trained in first-trimester ultrasound (i.e. up until the end of 12 weeks after your period) and will be happy to scan and advise you about your pregnancy and any concerns or questions you may have.


You will receive a printed image of your foetus if you like.

The earliest time to have your first pregnancy scan is usually at about 7 weeks past your period.

Our clinic is under the leadership of Mr. Dimitrios Mavrelos MD, MRCOG (Accredited Subspecialist & Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, UCLH RMU and CRGH; Consultant Gynae. Obstetrician, UCLH) and his team.